As the photographers for Upasana and Ameya’s destination wedding on January 20th, 2024, in the serene town of Neemrana, we were privileged to witness and capture every magical moment of their special day. From the vibrant Haldi ceremony, where laughter and anticipation filled the air as turmeric paste adorned the couple, symbolizing the purity of their souls, to the lively Sangeet night, where music and dance brought families together in joyous celebration. The energy was infectious as Upasana and Ameya, surrounded by their loved ones, danced the night away under dazzling lights and rhythmic beats. And then came the wedding day, bathed in the warm embrace of the January sun. Against a backdrop of tradition and modernity, we meticulously documented every heartfelt vow, every tender glance exchanged between the couple. Upasana and Ameya were a picture of elegance and grace, their love radiating through each captured moment. Their expressions, brimming with joy and affection, remain etched in our memories as a testament to their beautiful bond. It was an honor to be entrusted with preserving the essence of their love story through our lens. The beauty of Neemrana, the grandeur of the festivities, and the genuine emotions shared by all made this wedding an unforgettable experience. As we continue to curate their story, we invite you to join us to have a sneak peak, where we have shared more captivating moments from this extraordinary celebration



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